2D AutoCAD Drawing File2D AutoCAD Drawing File
" Love architecture, both old and modern. Love it for it's
fantastic adventurous, and solemn creations; for the
abstract, allusive, and figurative forms that enchant our
spirit and enrapture our thought. Love architecture, the
stage and the support of our life. "

Gio Ponti

ohn Lark and Associates has been in the forefront of small architectural firms commitment and use of Computer Technology to the profession. One of the first firms to begin use of AutoCAD® (CAD) in 1980, we today provide state of the art systems capable of drafting, design, cost estimating and presentations through CADD. Our clients find not only the interactive design process more effective but that design alternatives and conceptualizations are more beneficial to their decision making. In a rapidly changing profession, we have continued to develop new and more effective methods to improve the quality of service provided to our clients.

ur experience with computer aided design and drafting has provided a seamless co-ordination with many of our clients and consultants. Through the exchange of computer drawing files and the latest technology for presentation graphics we have developed systems for:

* development of standardized tablets
* alternative design and testing
* presentation and design simulation
* integration of engineering
* modification and revision systems